Welcome to SuperStudy.pk. Here we intend to provide you best possible information for you to better understand about Pakistan’s education system. Our database provides you information on educational institutions, their offered courses and ways to link between students and teachers.

Here are key privacy policies we observe on SuperStudy.pk

  • Users Data
    SuperStudy.pk collects users’ data on various points on the website. This includes login/registration, user profile, comments system etc.
  • Interactivity
    There are areas on website where users can exchange information with each other. SuperStudy.pk does not disclose personal information directly, however, user’s information may be shared if a user directly interacts with the other user.
  • Data Sharing
    SuperStudy.pk does not sell data to 3rd parties. However, users’ data may be used or linked with other sister projects of SuperStudy.pk.
  • Data Security
    Our team does it best to secure users data. However, in case of any hack or scenarios beyond our control, SuperStudy.pk cannot be held responsible. There have been incidents worldwide that even major websites/apps have had events with data breaches. We strive our best to avoid such happenings.
  • SSL Security
    All the pages on SuperStudy.pk are SSL secured which enables our website to securely transmit data from users’ browser to our server.