12 Apr, 2021

Sindh takes a decision to not recognize 2 year degree programme

The Sindh government took a stance against recognizing 2 year degree programmes after it had rejected Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) decision to abolish the programme. All the universities were asked to finish the BA/BSc and MA/MSc degrees by 31 December 2018 by the HEC orders. The main aim of HEC was to phase out the old degrees and replace it with and education system/environment that is more in line with today’s world.

Sindh Government’s Previous Stance

When HEC had made a decision to phase out the two year degree programme, the Sindh government responded by saying that such action is equivalent to invading provincial autonomy of the province. Nasir Ahmed Khuhro, chief minister’s adviser on universities and boards, had said that all universities in Sindh would continue their course/degree programmes in accordance to what has been laid down in Sindh universities law.

He further added that removing the two year degree programme would make it difficult for a large number of students belonging to middle class and lower-middle class group to get the higher education that they need.

The Current Decision

The college education department issued a public notice saying that in case students admit themselves to illegal or phased out programmes, then the students would bear the responsibility for incurring any risk or loses associated to the conventional BA, BSc, ad BCom programmes. The notice was made public on 5 April 2021.

Moreover, it also stated in clear terms that the college department would not be responsible for the rejection of any student’s two year degree by any institution.

From March 31, this decision will take effect across the province. All the universities have been given a grace period of three months to finish final examinations of BA, BSc, and BCom programmes. It also elucidated that examinations for these programmes, which have been conducted before March 31 would be counted as they happened in the previous year of 2020