23 Dec, 2021

HEC Announces Need Based Scholarship Program

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has announced the need-based scholarship program. The candidates having any financial constraints can apply for this offered scholarship. Due to the lack of resources, some of the students remain unable to get higher education. So this is the golden opportunity for the candidates to apply and secure the scholarship to get a higher education. The HEC will select the needy and deserving students from the public sector universities and their campuses. Through this scholarship program, the students will be provided the chance to get modern education and have better career opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Financial assistance and scholarships are available at the Undergraduate level in various disciplines of study at HEC selected public sector Pakistani universities and educational institutes.
  • The candidates have to meet the mentioned eligibility criteria in order to secure the scholarship.
  • The candidates who are already enrolled in public sector universities are also eligible to apply.
  • The eligibility of a candidate is linked to the financial needs of the students according to the assessment by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee. 
  • The number of slots for the scholarship will be decided by the universities.
  • The scholarship will continue for the complete duration of the program. In case the students drop out, then the candidate will be replaced with the candidate on the waiting list.
  • The candidates enrolled in all the disciplines are also encouraged to apply. The selected university will decide about the inclusion and exclusion of disciplines according to the grant, cost of the program, and the number of the allocated seats.
  • In the case of Medicine, Pharm-D, and five-year degree programs the scholarship will cover the complete degree program.
  • Considering the allocated grant, the university has the right to adjust the total number of scholarships.
  • Apart from the tuition fee, each awardee will be paid Rs.6000/- stipend every month for the complete program
  • The candidates who have secured the admission on basis of self-finance cannot apply for HEC Need-Based Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Award Process

The applications of all potential candidates will be reviewed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC). The committee is headed by the Vice-Chancellor of the participating institution, with the other members of the institution. While selecting the candidates impartiality and transparency will be ensured. The ISAC shortlists the candidates and forward the list to the HEC Scholarship Management Committee (SMC). After the selection of the candidates, the participating institutions will forward the funds to the students.

How to Apply?

  • The candidates can get the scholarship from the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at the participating University/Institution. 
  • The Scholarship Form will be submitted along with mandatory documents and the form should not be directly submitted to HEC.
  • The candidates need to secure admission to any one of the disciplines at the participating Universities/Institutions according to the mentioned admission criteria.
  • This scholarship program also considers partial scholarships for students who are already enrolled at the selected university.
  • Under this scholarships scheme, the funds are not transferred to students directly and payment is made to the students through participating institutes and universities.