21 Apr, 2021

HEC Announces Grand Challenge Fund for Public and Private Universities

Islamabad: The Higher Commission (HEC) is seeking research proposals from faculty members of Pakistani public and private universities for HEC funding. The funding will be provided under the Grand Challenge Fund (GCF) Research Grant Programme 2021. The funding of the GCF research grant ranges from RS15 to 25 million and the duration of the project will last for maximum three years.

The Grand Challenge fund is an important part of Higher Education Development in Pakistan, which is aided by the World Bank and then implemented by HEC.

The aim of the Grand Challenge Fund is to enhance research literature in various strategic sectors of the economy and the funds will be provided to some selected institutions. The selection of the proposals will be rely upon competitive and peer-reviewed evaluations of proposals, according to official sources. They further added that GCF would provide support to large multidimensional research projects.

The last date for submission of Project Outlines (PO) is 23 May 2021. The applications will be submitted through the HEC’s online research submission portal.

Aims of GCF Research Projects

The research conducted in GCF projects are required to tackle the specific challenges that are highlighted as the priority thematic areas. Successful projects funded by the GCF must clearly demonstrate a solution to a national priority, or show a significant progress in addressing it.

The focus of GCF is to generate ideas and innovation in various research fields in Pakistan. These research fields include the following: food security, crop production, water management and sustainability, sustainable energy, sociology and philosophy, development economics, urban planning, climate change and environment, information technology and telecom, innovative governance and reforms, and health and well – being.