BS Electrical Engineering Complete Guide

BS Electrical Engineering program is a 4-year program that allows students to learn how the modern world of communication works. This program is one of the most sought-after undergraduate programs in Pakistan as thousands of students apply for this program. Getting enrolled in BS Electrical Engineering is difficult as merit criteria are high nowadays. There are many details that students often overlook while seeking admission. Therefore, is now providing you all the details that you must know about BS Electrical Engineering degree in Pakistan. Keep reading this page to find out more.

BS Electrical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

Students all over the country have to make sure that they comply with the BS Electrical Engineering eligibility criteria to secure their seat in the program. Strict criteria have been put in place to ensure that only those students who have high merit get enrolled in this degree. Students who have completed their ICS or F.Sc Pre Engineering education with a minimum of 60% marks can apply for this program. These students also must appear in the entrance test and clear the test as well. Students who are from the late session (e.g. a student who completed her 12th class education but is applying for BS Electrical Engineering) will get 2% marks deducted for one late year. The final merit score for getting enrolled in this program is calculated based on 70% marks in 12th class exams and 30% marks in the entrance test.

BS Electrical Engineering Admission Process

The great thing about BS Electrical Engineering admission in Pakistan is that the process of admission is not difficult. Students have to follow the straightforward guidelines that enable them to get enrolled in their favorite university. The common guidelines of almost all universities offering BS Electrical Engineering in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Attach your 12th class result card with your admission form.
  • Provide your recent photographs along with your application request.
  • Appear in the entrance test and attach its result card with the application.
  • Give your character certificate from your last institution with your admission application.
  • Make sure to give the photocopies of your CNIC/B-form and domicile with the application.
  • In case your name appears on the merit list, make sure to submit the fee before the last date.

After paying your university expenses, you will be able to attend regular classes at the university. You can also apply for financial aid to get fee compensation.

BS Electrical Engineering Course Outline

BS Electrical Engineering is a broad degree program that incorporates knowledge from various other disciplines. The variety of cross-linking courses have enabled electrical engineers over the years to shape the modern world. Here are the fundamental BS in Electrical Engineering subjects:



Pak Studies







Digital Logic Design

Solid State Electronics

Nano-Electronic Devices


Electrical Power Systems

Signals & Systems

Control engineering

Electrical Network Analysis

Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing

Linear Circuit Analysis

Microwaves and RF Design

Computer Architecture

Laser Engineering

Robot Motion Planning

Digital Signal Processing

Microcontrollers & Interfacing

Electromechanical Systems

Digital Logic Circuits

Introduction to Programming

BS Electrical Engineering Fee Structure In Pakistan

The ever increasing demand for skilled electrical engineers in Pakistan proves that universities here are taking the best efforts to maintain the educational standards. However, the fee structure is getting more expensive over the years. Students now have to pay higher fees to complete their BS Electrical Engineering degree in Pakistan. Private institutions are charging over 1 lac rupees per semester. But the non-government institutions are undoubtedly providing quality education to all students. On the other hand, government universities have maintained their low BS Electrical Engineering fee structure in Pakistan. Despite the reduced fees, government institutions also offer various scholarships to facilitate the students.

BS Electrical Engineering Scope In Pakistan

Electrical engineers are vital members of every society that encourages innovation and creativity. Students after completing BS Electrical Engineering choose to serve the country by joining various government and private organizations. Many government institutions require skilled electrical engineers to fulfill the communication and technological needs. Electrical engineers have a vast knowledge of communication systems. Pakistani electrical engineers have employed their knowledge of the country’s landscape and their specific skills to improve the quality of communication across the country. Some people spread false news about the shortage of job opportunities for BS Electrical Engineering students in Pakistan. However, keeping in view the developing landscape of the country, it is clear that there is an ever-increasing demand for skilled electrical engineers in Pakistan.

Different Career Options After BS Electrical Engineering

Some students are more interested in combining their knowledge of other fields than sticking to one field. If you are such a student who does not want to spend their whole life overseeing electrical systems and manufacturing processes, you can opt for many different career choices after you complete your BS Electrical Engineering degree. You can bring your expertise as an electrical engineer to do new things and improve the existing ones. If you want to tell others all about electrical engineering, you can choose the path of teaching. You can also go on to get enrolled in an M.Phil. Program to expand your horizons about electrical engineering. With the popularization of research culture in Pakistan, another option is to start your research to find unexplored uses of electrical systems. You can also secure managerial positions after getting specialized education in management.

BS Electrical Engineering: FAQs

Q. Is BS Electrical Engineering better than BS Software Engineering?

A. No field is better than the other. BS Electrical Engineering has specific applications that BS Software Engineering does not have and vice versa.

Q. Is it necessary to get domicile for BS Electrical Engineering admission in Pakistan?

A. Domicile is proof that you are a citizen of this country and it is important to get enrolled.

Q. Can I avail of any scholarship after I get enrolled in BS Electrical Engineering?

A. You can get selected for various government and private scholarships to pay your study expenses.