Colleges & Universities in Karachi

List of Universities & colleges in Karachi
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    Hamdard University Karachi

    Hamdard University, Sharae Madinat Al-Hikmah, Karachi

    LLB,BS Computer Science (BSCS),Bachelors of Engineering,ME Electrical Engineering,ME Energy Engineering,MS Electronics,MS Computer Science (MSCS),MS Telecommunication,MS Energy & Environment,PhD Electrical Engineering,PhD Computer Science,PhD Energy Engineering,PhD Energy & Environment,BE Electrical Engineering,BE Energy Engineering,BE Computer Systems Engineering,BE Bio Medical Engineering,ME Electrical Engineering,ME Communication Systems & Networks,ME Computer Engineering,ME Telecommunication System,ME Power Engineering,ME Control & Automen Engineering,MS Software Engineering,MS Information Technology,Bachelor of Eastern Medicine & Surgery (UNANI) BEMS,Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D),MPhil Pharmacy,PhD Pharmacy,BEd,MEd,MPhil Education,MPhil Social Sciences,MS Supply Chain,MPhil Pharmacology,MPhil Pharmaceutics,MPhil Pharmacognosy,BS Software Engineering,BBA (Hons),ADE in Education,BBS,MBA,MBA 2.5,MBA 1.5,BSE,B.Ed,B.Ed,Doctor of Physical therapy,BSND,BS Food Science & Technology,BS Bio Technology,BS Mechanical,BS Electrical,BS Civil,BS English,BS Media Studies,BS Psychology,BCA Computer Arts,BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics,MS Management Sciences,Associate Degree in Computer Networking,Associate Degree in Computer & Information Systems,Associate Degree in Software Development,Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance,Associate Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management,Associate Degree in Healthcare & Hospital Management,Associate Degree in Business Informatics,POST RN BSN,BS Medical Technology

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    Virtual University Campus (North Nazimabad) Karachi

    D3. First Floor. Block-D Above Ufone Customer Service & Burj Bank North Nazimabad, Karachi

    M.Sc. Applied Psychology,(M.Sc. Economics),M.Sc. Mass Communication,M.Sc. Organizational Psychology,MA English Language Teaching,BS (Economics), BS (English (Applied Linguistics),BS (Mass Communication), BS (Psychology),BS (Sociology),Associate Degree in Mass Communication,Associate Degree in Psychology,Diploma in Applied Psychology,Diploma in Linguistics,Diploma in Television Production,MS in Computer Science,MCS,MIT, BS (Computer Science),BS (Information Technology), BS (Software Engineering),Associate Degree in Computer Networking,Associate Degree in Computer Science,Associate Degree in Database Management System,Associate Degree in Web Design and Development,Diploma in Computer Science,Diploma in Information Technology,Master of Education (M.Ed.),B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary,B.Ed. (Hons.) Early Childhood Care and Education,B.Ed. Secondary (1.5-Year Program),B.Ed. Elementary (2.5-Year),Associate Degree in Education (in-service) 1-year,Associate Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education,Associate Degree in Education,Diploma in Education,M. Accounting,M. Accounting & Finance,M. Banking & Finance,M. Finance,M. HRM,M. Operation & Supply Chain Management,M.Com,MB Econ,MPA,Bachelor of Business & Information Technology (BBIT),Business Administration,BS Commerce,BS Public Administration,Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance,Associate Degree in Business Administration,Associate Degree in Commerce,Associate Degree in Human Resource Management,M.Sc. Mathematics,M.Sc. Statistics,M.Sc. Zoology,BS Bioinformatics,BS Biotechnology,BS Mathematics,Associate Degree in Psychology,Diploma in Information Technology

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    Jinnah Sindh Medical University Karachi

    Rafiqui H.J Shaheed Road, Karachi.

    Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Public Health,MBA Master of Business Administration,Diploma in Emergency Medical Technician,Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D),Diploma in Despenser,Doctor of Physical Therapy,BBA (Business Administration),Bachelor Hospital & Health Services Management,MBBS,PhD Public Health,Diploma in public Health,Certificate in Emergency Medical Technicians,BDS Bachelor Of Dental Surgery,Diploma in Clinical Neurology,Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare & Business Management,BBA Health Care Management,BBA Bachelor of Business Administration,MS Management Sciences,MBA Hospital and Health Care Management,MBA Executive,Postgraduate Diploma in Histopathology,Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pathology,PhD in Health Professions Education,BS Medical Technology,Bachelor of Science in Public Health

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    Bahria University Medical & Dental College BUMDC Karachi

    Adjacent to PNS SHIFA, DHA Phase-II, Karachi

    MBBS,Bachelor in Dental Science (BDS),MPhil Anatomy,MPhil Pathology,MPhil Pharmacology,BBA,Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT,BS Medical Laboratory Technology BSMLT

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    Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University Of Law Karachi

    Chaudhry Khaliq-Uz-Zaman Road, Near Lilly Bridge, Clifton , Karachi , Pakistan.

    LLB,LLM,PhD Law,BBA Bachelor of Business Administration,MBA Master of Business Administration,BS Economics,BS Criminology,MSc Criminology,BA LLB,MS Economic,MS Business Administrate

  • +92 21 36042819, 485
    National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Karachi

    PNS JAUHAR, Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Karachi, Pakistan

    BCom,BS Computer Science (BSCS),BBA Bachelor of Business Administration,BS English,BEd,MA Arabic,MA ELT,MA Persian,MSc Economics ,MCS,MBA Master of Business Administration,MEd ,PhD Arabic,PhD English Linguistics,PhD English Literature,PhD Persian,PhD Islamic Studies,PhD Urdu,PhD Management Sciences,PhD Social Sciences,Bachelor of Geoinformatics Engineering,Bachelor of Environmental Engineering,Bachelor of Civil Engineering,Bachelor of Materials Engineering,Bachelor of Electrical Engineering,Bachelor of Software Engineering,Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering,Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering,Bachelor of Avionics Engineering,Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering,Bachelor of Military Art and Science,Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication,Bachelor of Public Administration,Bachelor of Science in Mathematics,Bachelor of Science in Physics,Bachelor of Architecture,Bachelor of Industrial Design,Bachelor of Science in Applied Biosciences,MS Geotechnical Engineering,MS Structural Engineering,MS Urban and Regional Planning,MS Environmental Engineering,MS Environmental Science,Remote Sensing & GIS,MS Construction Engineering & Management,MS Water Resources Engineering and Management,MS Materials & Surface Engineering,MS Chemical Engineering,MS Nanoscience & Engineering,MS Process Systems Engineering,MS Electrical Engineering,MS Information Technology,MS Computer & Communication Security,MS Computer Science (MSCS),MS Innovative Technologies in Education,MS Mechanical Engineering,MS Design & Manufacturing Engineering,MS Robotics & Intelligent Machine Engineering,MS Biomedical Engineering,MS Biomedical Sciences,MS Software Engineering,MS Computer Engineering,MS Mechatronics Engineering,MS Engineering Management,MS Construction Engineering & Management,MS Disaster Management,MS Transportation Engineering,MS Energy Systems Engineering,MS Bioinformatics,MS Clinical Psychology,MS Mass Communication,MS Development Studies,MS Physics,MS Mathematics,MS Chemistry,Bachelor of Chemical Engineering,Bachelor of Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering,Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance,MS Geotechnical & Tunneling Engineering,MS Remote Sensing & GIS,MS Avionics Engineering,MS Aerospace Engineering,Executive MBA,MS Human resource Management,MS Economics,MS Career Counseling & Education Program,MS Peace & Conflict Studies,MS Healthcare Biotechnology,MS Plant Biotechnology,MS Industrial Biotechnology,PhD Structural Engineering,PhD Geotechnical Engineering,PhD Transportation Engineering,PhD Urban and Regional Planning,PhD Environmental Engineering,PhD Environmental Science,PhD Remote Sensing & GIS,PhD Construction Engineering & Management,?PhD Water Resources Engineering and Management,PhD Materials & Surface Engineering,PhD Chemical Engineering,PhD Nanoscience & Engineering,PhD Electrical Engineering,PhD Information Technology,PhD Information Security,PhD Computer Science,PhD Mechanical Engineering,PhD Design & Manufacturing Engineering,PhD Robotics & Intelligent Machine Engineering,PhD Robotics & Intelligent Machine Engineering,PhD Biomedical Engineering,PhD Biomedical Sciences,PhD Aerospace Engineering,PhD Avionics Engineering, PhD Software Engineering,PhD Computer Engineering,PhD Engineering Management,PhD Business Administration,PhD Psychology,PhD Economics,PhD Physics,PhD Mathematics,PhD Chemistry,PhD Peace & Conflict Studies,PhD Energy Systems Engineering,PhD Applied Biosciences,Bachelor of Computer Engineering,Bachelor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering,BS Management Information Systems,BS Economics,BSc Naval Architecture Engineering,BSc Electrical Engineering,BSc Mechanical Engineering

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    Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari Karachi

    Faqir M. Dura Khan Rd, Karachi

    BS Computer Science (BSCS),BS Business Administration,BS Commerce,MCom,MA English,B.Ed,MPhil English Literature,MBA Master of Business Administration,Master in Public Administration,MCS,MEd,MA Economics,MPhil/MS Computer Science,MS Business Administration,MS Public Administration,MS Commerce,MS Education,MPhil Business Administration,MPhil Public Administration,MPhil Commerce,MPhil Education,BS Information Technology,Pharm D,BS Education,MA Education,BS Accounting & Finance,BS English,B.ED 2.5 years,B.ED 1.5 years

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    Mahmoodi Institute of Management Sciences (MIMS) Karachi

    Mariners Fairway 43 Timber Pound, Keameri, Karachi

    Higher Diploma in Accounting HDA,BBA Bachelor of Business Administration,EDSML,BA Hons Business Management,ICAEW,ACCA,BSc Computer Studies,MBA Shipping & Logistics