Colleges & Universities in Islamabad

List of Universities & colleges in Islamabad
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    Capital University Of Science And Technology Islamabad

    Islamabad Expressway, Kahuta Road, Zone-V, Islamabad

    BS Computer Science (BSCS),BS Software Engineering,BS Biosciences ,BS Finance & Economics,BBA Bachelor of Business Administration,MBA Master of Business Administration,MS Electrical Engineering,MS Mechanical Engineering,MS Civil Engineering,MS Computer Science (MSCS),MS Mathematics,MS Biosciences & Bioinformatics,MS Management Science,MS Engineering Management,MS Project Management,PhD Electrical Engineering,PhD Mechanical Engineering,PhD Civil Engineering,PhD Computer Science,PhD Mathematics,PhD Management Science,MS Banking,MS Computer Engineering,BS Accounting and Finance,BS Civil Engineering,BS Mechanical Engineering,BS Electrical Engineering,BS Mathematics,MPhil Mathematics,BS Microbiology,Doctor of Pharmacy Pharm-D,Associate Programs Business Administration,Associate Programs Accounting & Finance,Associate Programs Computer Science,BS Biotechnology,MBA Professional,BS Psychology,MBA Morning/Evening,MBA Non-Business Background,All MS

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    Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University Islamabad

    PIMS, Islamabad

    MD Critical Care Medicine,MD Cardiology,MD Dematology,MD Gastroenterology,MD Internal Medicine,MD Nephrology,MD Psychiatry,MS Accident & Emergency,MS Anaethesia,MS ENT,MS General Surgery,MS Neurosurgery,MS Opthalmology,MS Obstetrics,MS Plastics Surgery,MS Paediatric Surgery,PhD Chemical Pathology,PhD Haematology,MD Endocrinology,MD Histopathology,MD Neurology,MD Rheumatology,MD Paediatric Medicine,MD Pulmonology,MD Pediatric Oncology,MD Radiology,MS Burn Surgery,MS Cardiac Surgery,MS Ophthalmology,MS Urology,PhD Bio Chemistry,PhD Molecular Biology,MPhil Biochemistry,MPhil Chemical Pathology,MPhil Histopathology,MPhil Microbiology,MPhil Physiology,FSc Medical Laboratory Technology,FSc Dental Hygiene Technology,FSc Ophthalmology Technology,FSc Medical Imaging Technology,FSc Physiotherapy Technology,FSc OT Technology,Diploma in Dispenser Course,Diploma in Cardiac Technician,Diploma in Renal Dialysis,Diploma in Public Health Technician,Diploma in Bio Medical Technologist,Doctor of Pharmacy D-Pharm,Doctor Physical Therapy,BS Speech Language Therapy/Pathology,BSc Nursing Generic,BSc Nursing Post RN,BS Medical Technologies,Diploma in General Nursing,Diploma in Anesthesia Nursing,Diploma in Coronary Care Unit Nursing,Diploma in Intensive Care Unit Nursing,Diploma in Operation Theater Nursing,Diploma in Pediatrics Nursing,Diploma in Psychiatry Nursing,NAT,MS (Accident & Emergency),MS (Anaethisia),MS (ENT),MS (General Surgery),MS (Neuro Surgery),MS (Ophthalmology),MS (Obstetrics& Gynaecology),MS (Plastic Surgery),MS (Paediatric Surgery),MS Surgery & Allied Disicpline,MD Medicine & Allied Disicpline,MDS Dental & Allied Disiciplines,BDS,MPhil Molecular Biology

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    Comsats Institute Of Information Technology Virtual Campus Islamabad

    402, Street 34, I-8/2 Islamabad, Pakistan

    BS Computer Science (BSCS),BS Software Engineering,MCS Computer Science,MA English,MBA Executive,MS Project Management,BS Business Administration,BBS Bachelor of Business Studies,MPA Public Administration,MSC Mathematics,MA Banking,ADE Associate Degree in Education,MBA Master of Business Administration,MS Banking & Finance,MS Health Informatics,NAT Entry Test Preparation

  • Al-Khair University Islamabad

    IJP Road, Opp. I-8 Grid station Islamabad

    BBA Business Administration,BS Computer Engineering,BS Computer Science (BSCS),BEd Education,BS Electronics,BS Information Technology,BS Mechatronics,BS Software Engineering,BS Telecommunication,MBA Executive Business Administration,MCS Computer Science,MEd Education,MA English,MPhil Business Administration,MPhill Computer Science,MPhil Education,MPhil Humanities,MIT Information Technology,MPhill Management Sciences,MS Mechatronics

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    Islamabad University of Science and Engineering

    Islamabad University of Science and Engineering, Malikabad Complex, Murree Road Rawalpidni

    BSc Electrical Engineering,BSc Electrical Engineering,BSc Software Engineering,BSc Electrical Engineering

  • +92-51-9075406
    Institute Of Space Technology Islamabad

    Institute of Space Technology, P.O. Box 2750, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan

    BS Aerospace Engineering,BS Electrical Engineering,BS Materials Science & Engineering,BS Mechanical Engineering,BS Space Science,MS Aerodynamics/CFD,MS Propulsion,MS Structural Design & Analysis,MS Guidance,Navigation & Control,MS Wireless Communication,MS Signal and Image Processing,MS Aerospace Materials,MS Nano-Engineering Materials,MS Composite Materials,MS Metal and Alloys,MS Ceramics and Glasses,MS Polymer Engineering,MS Fluid & Thermal System,MS Mechanical Design & Analysis,MS Manufacturing System,MS Remote Sensing & Geo-Information Science,MS Spatial Information Technology,MS Geo Informatics,MS Galaxy Dynamics,MS Gravitational Waves,MS Cosmology,MS Solar and lonospheric Physics,PhD Aerodynamics/CFD,PhD Aerospace Materials,PhD Ceramics Materials,PhD Composite Materials,PhD Fluid & Thermal System,PhD Galaxy Dynamics,PhD Geo Information,PhD Gravitational Waves,PhD Guidance,Navigation & Control,PhD Manufacturing System,PhD Mechanical Design & Analysis,PhD Metal and Alloys,PhD Non-Engineering Materials,PhD Polymer Engineering,PhD Propulsion,PhD Remote Sensing & Geo Information Science,PhD Single and Image Processing,PhD Solar and Lonospheric Physics,PhD Spatial Information Technology,PhD Structural Design & Analysis,PhD Wireless Communication,MS Aerospace Engineer,MS Electrical Engineer,MS Materials Science & Engineer,MS Mechanical Science,PhD Aerospace Engineer,PhD Materials Science & Engineer,PhD Mechanical Engineer,BS Avionics Engineering,MS Network and Communication Security,PhD Applied Mathematics & Statistics,NAT,PhD Nanotechnology,MS Global Navigation Satellite Systems,PhD Mathematics,PhD Electrical Engineering,MS Astronomy & Astrophysics,PhD Astronomy & Astrophysics,BS Mathemtics,BS Physics,BS Computer Science

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    National Defence University Islamabad

    National Defence University,Sector E-9 Islamabad

    BS,MSc,MPhil Strategic Studies,PhD Conflict & Peace Studies,MSc Government & Public Policy,MSc Peace & Conflict Studies,MSc Strategic Studies,MSc Leadership and Management Studies,MSc International Relations,MS Project Management,MPhil Government & Public Policy,MPhil Peace & Conflict Studies,MPhil Leadership and Management Studies,MPhil International Relations,PhD International Relations,PhD Leadership and Management Studies,PhD Govt and Public Policy,BS Govt & Public Policy,BS Peace & Conflict Studies,BS Strategic Studies,BS International Relations,BS Leadership & Management Studies, PhD Strategic & Nuclear Studies,PGD Strategic Studies,MPhil Economics,BS Economics,BS Economics

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    Bahria University Islamabad

    Shangrilla Road, Sector E-8, Islamabad - Pakistan

    MS Clinical Psychology,MBA Master of Business Administration,BS Computer Science (BSCS),BS Information Technology,MS Electrical Engineering,MS Software Engineering,MS Telecom & Networking,MS Computer Science (MSCS),PhD Computer Engineering,PhD Electrical Engineering,PhD Software Engineereing,PhD Computer Science,BBA Bachelor of Business Administration,BBA Finance,BBA Marketing,BBA Human Resource Management,BS Accounting and Finance,MBA Finance,MBA Marketring,MBA Human Resource Management,MBA Entrepreneuship,MBA Supply Chain Management,MS Project Management,MS Finance,BS Geology,BS Geophysics,BS Environmental Sciences,BS Media Studies,BS Development Studies,BS International Relations,LLB,BS Electrical Engineering,BS Software Engineering,BS Computer Engineering,MS Computer Engineering,MPhil Management Sciences,PhD Management Sciences,MS Geology,MS Geophysics,MS Environmental Sciences,MS Environmental Policy & Management,Certificate in Making Financial Product,Certificate in Performance Management,Certificate in Business to Business Marketing,Certificate in Professional Training in GIS,Certificate in Microprocessor and Embedded Control Applications,Certificate in Network Simulator 2,Certificate in FPGA Design with Modern EDA Tools,Certificate in Cisco Certified Network Associate,Certificate in Mobile Application Development,MS Supply Chain Management,LLM,BS Psychology,BSS,BDS,MS Telecom & Networking,PhD Psychology,PGD,Certificate in Web Design / Development,Certificate in Web Development,Certificate in Dot Net Training,Certificate in Android App Development,Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing,Certificate in Automated Software Testing,Certificate in Under Standing Criminal Justice System,Certificate in Preparatory,Certificate in Legislative Drafting,Certificate in Accelerate Social Media Marketing,Certificate in Sales Management,Certificate in Writing Local Case,Certificate in Accounting and Finance,Certificate in Teach train Consult and Research,Certificate in Business,Certificate in Project Management,Certificate in Microsoft Excel,Certificate in People Management Skills,Certificate in Accounting Small Business,MS International Relations,MS Civil Engineering,MPhil Organizational Psychology,MPhil Education Psychology,BBA Supply Chain Management,BS Entrepreneurship,MBA Islamic Finance,BEE Electronic Engineering,BEE Telecommunication Engineering,MS Engineering Management,BSS Development Studies,BSS Anthropology,Diploma in Law,PhD Environment,PhD Environment Science,PhD Geology,PhD Geophysics,BS Professional Psychology,MS Clinical Psychology,MPhil Organization Psychology,MPhil Education Psychology,PhD Professional Psychology,Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT),MPhil Anatomy,MPhil Pathology and Pharmacology,MBA Logistic and Maritime Management,EMBA Logistic and Port Management,PGD in Logistic and Port Management,Diploma in Shipping Management,Certificate in Maritime,GAT Entry Test Preparation,BS Medical Laboratory Technology,LLM International & Maritime Laws,BS Economics,Ms Islamic Banking & Finanace,Ms Management Science,Phd Economics,MS Data Science,Ms Information Security,Bachelor in Social Science,Ms Media Studies,BS TV Broadcasting & Digital Media,PhD International Relation,MS Mathematics,MS Mathematics,BS TV Broadcasting,Ms Media Studies,Bachelor in Social Science,PhD International Relation,MS Psychology,BS(A&F),BS (IT),BS English,BS Public Health,Bs SCM,BS Social Science